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Production of all kinds of office suits

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Neighboring countries of Iran have a history of cooperation with Form Pushan Taati Company

Administrative coat of Afghanistan
Coat and skirt in Turkmenistan

resume of Taati administrative form production company

Raw materials for the production of coats and pants

In the production of coveralls, we try to use high quality fabrics in terms of useful life and customer comfort

The used fabrics used in the company Form Poshan Taati 1
This fabric is suitable for work clothes. The main materials used in Tetron are polyester and viscose. High-quality Tetron fabric has 40% plastic.
Tergal fabric is made of viscose fibers. Tergal is used for work clothes, hospital clothes and school uniforms
Tetron fabric and crooked tergal 2
Beziag Turkish fabric has 70% cotton and 30% viscose polyester
It is a four-season fabric, light, cool and durable Has a one year warranty
Beziak Turkish 3
Vigas Turk has 70% cotton and 30% viscose polyester
It is a four-season fabric, light, cool and durable Has a one year warranty
Vegas Turk 4
This fabric has a fine texture that gives it a loose and bare look. It has a high variety of colors .a one year warranty Korean and Indonesian crepes 5
It has a lower percentage of yarn and cotton than Beziag and Vigas. It is suitable for four seasons. It does not wrinkle Fiona 6
If the customer wants to use another fabric, we will provide it other 7
hospitality hat -5 office pants coat -1
vest -6 Women’s and men’s office suits -2
paper -7 Men’s and women’s work clothes -3
Embroidery (for embroidering logos of companies and organizations) -8 – Administrative mask (in different models; plain, simple crepe, Croatian, teldar, shali or Lebanese, reporter, hospitality mask) -4
Sending a tailor to your company’s location and sizing by the tailor -1
Dispatch of a tailor with a work sample for sizing -2
Sizing through samples without a tailor by yourself at work -3
How to calculate tailor shipping costs
The number of orders between 1 and 10 people .                                                                                                 Taati store has hired a skilled tailor for sizing for the well-being of its customers. to come to your workplace for sizing if needed. But on-site sizing also requires costs. For this reason, for the number of 1 to 10 people, the cost of transportation and tailoring is borne by the customer -1
.The number of orders is between 10 and 20 people

If your order is between 20 and 100 uniforms. Taati store does not charge you a fee for sending a sizer to the place, and you only pay the cost of the tailor’s return trip

The number of orders is more than 20 people

The best way to order, which will reduce your costs, is the number of orders above 20 pieces. For this reason, in this number of orders, sizing and return fees are free

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